Sunday, 9 January 2011

Timeshare Gran Canaria = Crimeshare Gran Canaria

Welcome on the new website
This domain was not available in 2010 but as of this year you will find
all the information about companies involved in timeshare and holiday
club scams on this web site.
The site will be supported in English, Dutch, German and Norwegian.
Some companies will not like what we are doing because it will cost
them a lot of money, but it is stolen* money so we don´t care.
* Under false information with a so called ´´ non cancelation ´´ contract
taken from inocent tourists.
A downpayment within the first 10 days is not allowed within the Spanish
Therefore read the information on this web site and stay away from all
timeshare and holiday clubs !!!


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  2. There are so many crooks out there when it comes to timeshare relief. Its ashame. People just want to get out of a bad contract and people are just making it harder. Good luck to all timeshare owners!


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