Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Internucleo Holiday Club Scam Maspalomas

This poor office is located in the shopping centre Sonnenland on the 3th floor.
the former people from the famous sonnentravel are running this scam office.
especialy german people are aproched with the famous ´´scratch cards ´´
a austrian girl is waiting for the victims when they arrive with the taxi at this
They only want to get up to 2.000 euro from your credit card for a holiday
club membership !!
they disguise as a internet travel agency but they are just a bunch of criminals
who go for the ´´easy ´´ money.

German Consumer Organisation

Silver Point Holiday Club Scam

silverpoint holiday club boiler room, here they sell you the holiday club membership

This is the ´´ boiler room ´´ where they will try to take up to 2000 euro from your creditcard
as a downpayment for a ´´ trial ´´ period of a holiday club membership of 36 or 35 months.
remember that if you are stupid enough to sign a contract, the contract also needs to have
the proper papers to cancel the contract within 14 days after signing the contract without
giving a reason for the cancelation.
BUT!! NEVER!! perform a downpayment because you have 14 days to think about the
contract. ( Would you do the same at home?? ) dont´t think so !!

New law about cancelation and downpayment

Prohibition of Advanced Payments

In relation to the products covered by the Directive, the trader is prohibited from demanding or accepting an advance payment from the consumer before the expiration of the withdrawal period. This prohibition also extends to the provision of guarantees, reservation of money on accounts, explicit acknowledgement of debt and payment of any other consideration to the trader or to any third party.

Cancelation Rights

The consumer has the right to withdraw from this contract without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the conclusion of the contract (or, if the contract is provided at a later date, from the day when the consumer receives the contract). The consumer must notify the trader in writing of his or her decision to withdraw. Any ancillary contracts will be automatically terminated on withdrawal.

Should certain information detailed in the Directive is missing, the period is extended a further three months. Moreover, if a separate standard withdrawal form is not filled in by the trader and provided to the consumer in writing, the period in extended to year.

Contact European Consumer Organisations
Holiday clubs and timeshare

The UK European Consumer Centre received more than 2000 complaints and enquiries about holiday clubs and timeshares in the year from the end of January 2009, covering all nature of complaints about holiday clubs and timeshare, including scams. The area most hit for discount holiday club complaints is Spain (including the Canary Islands), with an increase in this type of complaint about Malta and Cyprus. Other countries are also affected.